DIGIKOM is the subsidiary of PT. Digital Komputasi Immanuel that specializes in custom software development for both enterprise and consumer grade. We tailor suit our development and architecture based on our clients needs. No compromise in performance and scalability to ensure prolonged business and investment.


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You are welcome to browse through our services below. We hope that we can work together to help your business grow

You can expect professional looking portal for your company backed with strong content management system and adaptive view from any device.


We provide customized and modular business machine to scale your business with more affordable and budget friendly solutions.


Trust us for your business monitoring essentials. Our robust and accurate middleware is designed from the ground up to meet modern business demands.


Fastly paced and connected world must be supported with robust mobility. We choose android and ios platforms to support our services.


Our carefully crafted web architecture and SDLC standards are acclaimed to produce the best web application with great scalability and performance.


We understand the need of services aggregation in modern business. You can trust us as your aggregation partner to populate data in almost an instant.


We have qualified resources to conduct IT assessment for your company. IT solutions is rigid and complex. We are ready for that ...


Brand is important so we help your brand to stand out by bringing the best keyword optimization and accurate analytics for your business.


We develop your next ecommerce platform to help you shift from old retail model to digital platform with ease.



Our software solution simplifies end-to-end processes from ticketing into inflight merchandise sales and gain real-time insights. It adapts to modern standard airlines system.


Our solution empowers retail business with modern science and technologies to anticipate market shifts, simplify operations and our real-time dashboard enables instant decision making for your retail businesses.


Our enterprise manufacturing module synchronize the whole processes of planning until the execution so you can respond quickly to customer requests and behavior and make faster business decision.


Our solution helps agencies to make their brands stand out thru our digital branding agencies. Shifting from traditional method now becomes easier with our services and solution. From food to fashion.


Our vessel management system is a step up from traditional management into much faster digital platform. Our system cuts down complicated process into single digital platform and saves you tons of money.



In modern software era, moving most of the process to the cloud really saves time, cost and brings reliability to our services. Significant data loss is minimized to the ground with our cloud-managed services and surely brings convenience to clients and stakeholders. We only use the best cloud provider available in the world today such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.


Our open integrations method are available in all our services. We specifically design our software so that you can integrate our solution with other software with several number of communication protocol. It enables scalability and expandability with third party application or existing software. Whether it is RESTful API or WebSocket we can easily handle numbers of communication protocol between application.


We always employ industry standard implementation when we build our solution. We believe that to achieve a great software, a set of standard has to be applied such as defining clear life cycle process starting with initiating the project with the right negotiations and contracts, defining clear functional requirements, project management plan, high level design, a set of module, integration and system testing, until the final roll out. We back those up with the right and concise documentation for continuous development.


We can guarantee that our solutions meet the up time standard / SLA requirement. We understand that your business is critical and needs to be backed up by the robust solution. Coming from the right initiation to execution we can assure you peace of mind so that you can focus on the customers and gain revenues. We also offer hardware managed service with our subsidiary company DIGIGUARDĀ  to support your software with the right hardware so that they can interact in harmony.


Nothing can beat local support in which our experts manage your hardware and software directly. So you dont need to waste your time waiting for support cased by time difference or distance. We always think local support works best in Asia’s workplace culture. We do understand that not everyone is tech-savvy so we give our love and effort to manage your solution locally and saves more time.


By carefully measure your solution with some set of parameters, we do believe that Total Cost of Ownership at the end is lowered significantly. The basic assumption is you cannot manage something that you haven’t measured before. Our method are,

First, Evaluate the cost figures from development, integration, deployment, operations, maintenance, and enhancement standpoints.

Second, Manage them within the context of service level requirements. We use this metric to create awareness of the complexity and the opportunity to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Third, evaluate the cost model to illustrate how costs tend to shift from IT to individual business units.

Fourth, evaluate the value business units derive from the existing application and identify opportunities to reduce costs and provide greater value and improved service levels.


Modern software architecture is needed in today’s fast moving industries. Lots of services has to interact with each other in less than seconds along with the minimal risks. Modern software architecture also means scalability to a larger system with out much development time. We do have qualification to put modern software architecture to support large businesses such as parameters like correctness, performance, scalability, robustness, and resistance to errors.


With the massive growth of mobile device nowadays, we believe that building multi platform solution is the best way to go. Furthermore, we move more than half of our development to mobile because we understand the people needs to become more mobile. A set of robust protocol and communication method are developed to support fast interconnection between cloud and mobile device so you can rely on you gadget without losing information.


With the rise of micro-services and agnostic software architecture, software footprint now becomes smaller and smaller. Not only that, with the growth of CPU and hardware we can optimize the space for more logic and execution. Now you dont need to worry about losing disk space with our application.